The first co-headliner for Črna Loka 2022 is Firtan!

Germany’s FIRTAN is a band that performs a heady and bleak brand of Pagan black metal.
In their eight years as an active outfit, they have made a substantial impression in their homeland, and have slowly been garnering a fan base outside of Germany.

While deeply rooted in folk/pagan black metal’s adherence to thematic tradition, Firtan has no issue incorporating sounds that would fit nicely into multiple different black metal camps, and bless them for it. This willingness to highlight a variety of sounds from within the metal world at large allowed them to write tracks for their latest album Okeanos (2018) like the incredible “Uferlos” and gargantuan finale “Siebente, Letzte Einsamkeit”, which together create over 15 minutes of diverse sonic bliss. It’s a fitting end to a fantastic record.