About Črna Loka

Črna Loka is a metal festival, located in the town of Škofja Loka, Slovenia.

In 2022, Črna Loka had its first edition in the woods of Gorajte, on the northern outskirts of Škofja Loka.
With two nights of metal and madness, Črna Loka settled as a great new upcoming festival.

Being one of the oldest cities of Slovenia, Škofja Loka has a lot of historical sites to offer.
You could take a look in the castle overlooking the city, visit one of the many bars around Škofja Loka’s medieval squares, or take a look at the older castle ruins in the surrounding hills.

Besides being historical, the nature also is a great form of recreation.
The surrounding hills are a great form of recreation, as they contain a lot of different hiking paths. The main hill to go to is Lubnik. Enjoy an amazing view on Škofja Loka here, while having a meal and drink on top.

So be welcome to visit Črna Loka metal festival, and enjoy everything we and the surroundings have to offer!