How to get there

Škofja Loka has a perfect infrastructure connection. The Airport is close, there is a perfect bus connection, the international train passes through the towns train station, and highways are close.

On this page, All the info about how to get to the festival can be found.

By plane

The airport of Brnik, the main airport of Slovenia, is located just 15km drive away from the festival site.
Of course, the easiest way to reach the festival from airport is to just take a taxi ride.
However, it is also very easy to reach our festival by bus.

The fastest way is to take a bus to Kranj, and change here for the bus to Škofja Loka. Get out at the busstop ˝Virmaše˝.

By bus

Close to the festival, there is the busstop ˝Virmaše˝, which is where the bus stops traveling between Škofja Loka and Kranj. If you are coming from Ljubljana, you can change busses at Škofja Loka main busstation.

By (international) train

Coming from the direction of Austria, you can get out at Kranj, and get the bus towards Škofja Loka. Get out at busstop ˝Virmaše˝.
The bus stops at the crossroad leading towards the trainstation, more or less 5 minutes walk.

Coming from the Ljubljana direction, you can also choose to get out at Škofja Loka train station.
You must then take a bus towards the busstation of Škofja Loka, and change busses there to the Kranj direction. Get out at busstop ˝Virmaše˝.

By car

The closest Highway is the A2/E61 highway between Villach (AT) and Ljubljana. On the highway, the exit for Škofja Loka is clearly marked.

Follow the road towards Škofja Loka until Virmaše, where we will place a sign where to enter the street leading towards the parking.

When you are travelling from the Ljubljana direction, follow the road to Škofja Loka. When you reach the roundabout at the entrance of the town, go straight towards the Kranj direction. Entrance to the parking will be marked by an improviced sign in Virmaše.